To Have More, Become More. 

What do you want more of - freedom? Wealth? Public recognition? Industry accolades? A big life in the public realm or on a smaller (& more private) stage? Maybe you aren't quite sure what you want, but you know you want something more

Our courses are for ambitious professionals who want to be more, do more, and have more. 

So: who do you need to become to get what you want?

That's a big question.

Let's answer it together.


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Use our Weekly Success Blueprint to organize and amp up your week. The simple & elegant formula contained in it  includes a weekly worksheet, career development ideas, and even a place to reflect on your accomplishments & challenges. 

Your information will always be kept completely private.

Upcoming Courses

Our on-demand courses are designed to get and keep you in action, using time-tested professional development tools combined with psychological strategies used by elite athletes.

Your time is valuable, so each program contains bite-sized and impactful video modules supported by workbooks, action sheets, checklists, and career development plans.  

⚡Bonus: every program includes live monthly office hours for customized support & personalized attention.



The Ultimate Success Blueprint 

To have more, you must become more: our signature program will walk you through the tools that will rewire your mind, body, career & life.

It's your secret weapon to success.

Built on time-tested personal development methodologies, along with strategies used by elite athletes, this course is a game-changer if you're really motivated to dial it up. 

Launching January 2024


Career Development Masterclass for Lawyers

This program is tailored to lawyers at all levels of their career who want to increase their marketing mindset and  expand their career opportunities. From thought leadership strategy to business development plans to social media optimization, we'll create career development plans, uplevel your marketing and social media skill sets, and have you feeling even more excited and supported in your legal career. 

* BONUS MODULES: special modules that support you in your specific career level (whether junior, mid-level, or senior). 

launching january 2024


Elevate & Excel Masterclass: Career Strategies for Sisters-in-Law 

We love our legal "sisters-in-law" here at GenXpertise, and this program provides strategies for women lawyers along with our impactful business development masterclass. Every registrant also receives a free PDF of Marianne's book: Balance by Design(TM): A Career Guide & Planner for Women Lawyers With A Life, portions of which are utilized as part of the course curriculum. 

launching january 2024


The Intergenerational Crash Course 

In this mini-course, we'll give you some top-level things to know about the people all around you.

Whether you're a Boomer, Xer, Millennial, Z, or upcoming Alpha, understanding the differences - and gorgeous similarities - between our generations is a unique key to longevity and success in the workforce, and one too-often overlooked.

launching january 2024

"Marianne is a brilliant coach, an incredible presenter, and an irrepressible advocate. If you are looking to further your life and career, she is the stick of dynamite you want in your back pocket to blast your way through to the success you deserve."

Regena Thomashauer, New York Times best-selling author and CEO

Hello, I'm Marianne Talbot —

I help people get what they want.

Over the last 30 years I've been a lawyer, executive coach, entrepreneur, marketing expert, author, law professor, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of a national law firm, nonprofit executive, and more.

I bring all this experience to the programs here at GenXpertise that I've meticulously designed to produce results, and that I've used over the last 20 years. I've studied the most impactful modalities for personal and professional success over the last decades, distilling down the tools the truly work with my clients and that create the fastest and most impactful change. I did the research so you don't have to.

I'm passionate about helping people decide who they want to be to get what they want. 

I look forward to collaborating with you.

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Amp Up Your Game

Stay organized, focused, and motivated with this downloadable workbook containing resources and a worksheet that will keep you focused, along with career development strategies to get - and keep - you in the game.

Your information will always be kept absolutely private.

The Career Tools Women Lawyers Need

200+ full-color pages of weekly and monthly themes, checklists, resources guides, goal sheets, and so much more. It took three years for Marianne Talbot to write down what was learned over 25 years. 

"Marianne Talbot is not just an extraordinary coach, a longtime litigator, an excellent marketer and a full-time mother; she raises the game of everyone around her with her deep expertise, profound experiences, and focus on what's really important. Balance by Design: A Career Guide & Planner for Women Lawyers With a Life is a tool that synopsizes Marianne's life experience for the benefit of women lawyers everywhere who want to live a fuller and more balanced life. I recommend Marianne's book without hesitation."

-J. Stapleton, former Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Blank Rome LLP


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